4. Definition : Unless the context otherwise require in these Rules
  1. "Bar Association" Means High Court Bar Association, Allahabad registered under Society Registration Act, 1860 and also affiliated to the State Bar Council in accordance with the Rules framed by State Bar Council.
  2. "Court" Means High Court At Allahabad.
  3. "Elder Committee" Means a Committee the composition of which is mentioned in Rule No. 8 of these Rules.
  4. "General Body" Means a body comprising of all the Members of the Association.
  5. "Governing Council"Means a body to manage the affairs of the Association.
  6. "Members" Means Life Members and Ordinary Members as mentioned in relevant Rules.
  7. "Month" Means a month reckoned according to British Calendar.
  8. "Practicing Advocate" or "Advocte in active practice" or "Advocate in regular practice" Includes an Advocate on roll prepared by State Bar Council, who files pleadings and Vakalatnama and who does not do by other professional work other than that the an Advocates, and so registered with Registrar General of the High Court.
  9. (1) Words importing singular number shall include the plural number and vice-versa.
    (2) Masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and also an Eunuch, i.e. Hijra or Hijri.
  10. "Welfare Schemes" Means any scheme framed under any law for the time being in force to provide financial help, by whatever name called, to an Advocate and on his death a person entitled under Rules on his behalf.
  11. "Year" Means a year reckoned according to the British Calendar.
  12. "Ordinary Member" Ordinary Member shall perform all purposes including a Life Member and not an Honorary Member or a Non-Resident Members.
  13. "Place of Practice" The Advocate shall be ordinarily practicing at the High Court, Allahabad.
5. Classes of Membership
  1. Honorary Members : Being or having been a Member of the legal profession, who because of distinguished achievement or one who rendered unreliable service to the cause of law or the legal profession, has been admitted, by the General Body of the Association as an Honorary Member.
  2. Life Member : An Advocate on the roll of the Advocate regularly practicing in the High Court at Allahabad by payment of Rs. 5,000/- which will provide income by way of interest equivalent to the Membership fee payable by Ordinary Member, may become Life Member of that Association.
  3. Non-Resident Member : Being an Advocate not ordinarily practicing in the High Court, who has been admitted by the Governing Council under Rule 7 as a Non Resident Member. The Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh, if he is not already a Member shall be admitted as a Non Resident Member.
  4. Ordinary Member : Being an Advocate on the rolls of the High Court regularly practicing in the High Court and who has been admitted by the Governing Council under Rule 7 as Ordinary Member.
  5. Notes : All the applicants shall have to declare that they are the Members of Bar Council of India Advocate Welfare Fund Rule 40 so enable them to be admitted as Members in Rule 5 (b)(c)(d).