28. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Ordinary Members of the Association shall be held every year on a date fixed by the Governing Council at least a month before expiry of the term of the Office Bearers to enable the Election to be held within time.

29. Business at the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall ;

  1. Fix a date for Electing Office Bearers and other members of the Governing Council from amongst its Ordinary/Life Members.
  2. Pass the audited Annual Accounts, the Annual Report and sanction the Budget for the year.
  3. Adopt such resolutions as might be brought forward for guiding the activities of the Association or its bodies or its election.
  4. Appoint the Auditor for the ensuring year.
30. Other General Meeting

The Governing Council may, at any time, convene a General Meeting of the Ordinary Members of the Association, and in case of emergency, the President or the Honorary Secretary may also convene such General Meetings.

31. Extra-Ordinary Meeting

An extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Ordinary Members of the Association shall be convened by the President/Honorary Secretary or at the requisition of 100 (hundred) Ordinary Members. Such requisition shall be in writing, addressed to the President/Honorary and accompanied by the statement.

  1. In case the extraordinary General Meeting of the Association is not convened as per the requisition and same is also not ruled out by the Governing Council the requisitionist shall be entitled to convene the meeting to the presided over by one of the Senior Member of the Elders Committee.
  2. No decision will be taken to strike work in the High Court by the Bar Association beyond a strike of one day, unless the decision is taken by majority of members present and voting by Secret Ballot in the General Body meeting of Association. Only Life/Ordinary Members will participate in voting who are entitled to vote on that day according to rules of the Association.
32. Notice of Meeting
  1. Notice of Meeting of the Association shall be given, in manner provided by Rule 33, at lease 7 (seven) clear days before the date fixed for the Meeting. In case of emergency relating to subject which cannot be postponed for 7 (seven) days, a meeting other than Annual General Meeting may be called, in like manner but at such shorter notice, as may be considered sufficient by the President/Honorary Secretary.
  2. Notice of a Meeting shall be given by fixing up a notice along with the agenda on the notice boards of the Association and by circulating it in the High Court on a working day to such Members as are present or can be found, and after such fixation and circulation, no Meeting shall be cancelled in question on the ground of improper service or non-service of notice on any member of the insufficiency or impropriety of the time allowed or fixed by the notice.
33. Quorum for Meeting of the Association

100 (Hundred) Ordinary Members (including the Office Bearers) shall form a Quorum for the Annual General Meeting or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Association, and for a meeting under Rule 52, the quorum would be three hundred.

34. Adjournment of Meetings for want of Quorum

If the quorum is not complete at any meeting, it shall be adjourned and no business shall be transacted then at except, the fixing of the time and date of the adjourned Meeting.

35. Quorum Falling short During Meeting

If at any time during the course of a meeting, the attention of the President is drawn to the fact that number of members present has fallen short of the quorum required, the person presiding, after ascertaining the truth of the facts, shall forthwith dissolve the meeting but any business already transacted shall be deemed to be validity transacted.

36. Adjourned Meeting
  1. If a Meeting has been adjourned for want of a quorum, no quorum shall be necessary for the next Meeting held after the issue of the usual notice and with the same agenda provided that an extra ordinary meeting of the Association called at the requisition of the Members Under Rule 32 above, shall not on the same requisition, be called a second time if it has been adjourned once for want of quorum. Senior Most Member of the Elders Committee available may preside in the absent of the President and the Sr. Vice President.
  2. In the absence of the President or the Vice President or Senior Member of the Elders Committee of the Association any Member present may be elected to preside at a Meeting of the Association.
37. Question to be Decided by a Mejority of Votes

Except, as hereinafter provided, all questions at the Meetings of the Association shall be decided by a majority of the votes of Members present and voting. The participation of Ordinary Members will be recorded on the register in their eligible signature. The person presiding shall have a second or casting vote in case of tie. No voting by proxy shall be allowed.

38. Proceedings to be Recorded

The decisions arrived at a Meeting shall be dictated by the President and binding on all members of the Association. The Honorary Secretary and the Joint Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all the meeting held under the provisions herein contained. Such record shall be open to inspection by members of the Association only.

39. Reconsideration or Business

Any matter which has been the subject of a decision in any meeting of the Association shall not be reconsidered till after the expiry of six months from the date of such decision except on a written requisition for the purposes by 2/3rd majority of Ordinary Members.

40. Quorum of the Governing Council

Ten Members of whom at least three shall be those not holding an office, shall form the quorum of meeting of the Governing Council.

41. Meetings of the Governing Council

The Governing Council shall meet as often as may be necessary and all the provisions in these rules relating to the Meetings of the Association shall apply mutatis mutandis to such meetings of the Governing Council.