6. Register of Members
  1. The Governing Council shall cause to be prepared and maintain a Register of Members of the Association and shall for the purpose of Rule 5 classify all those who have become Members under such Rules.
7. Admission of Members
  1. Any person enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh wishing to become an Ordinary/Non Resident / Life Member may apply in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Association for admission on an application prescribed in schedule-I subject to the condition prescribed in Schedule-II signed by him and bearing the signature of at least two ordinary members of the Association as proposer and Secondor having at least ten years of Ordinary Membership of that Association.
  2. Such person shall be entitled to hold the Ordinary Membership/Life Membership of only High Court Bar Association, Allahabad however, he can become Non Resident and Honorary Member of other Bar Associations. This Rule does not apply on those who became Member prior to enforcement of these Rules.
  3. Such Advocate shall file an affidavit bearing his photograph mentioning his Registration Number and Photostat copy of the Registration certificate declaring on oath that he is neither at present nor in future intend to become Ordinary member or Life Member of any other Association in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  4. The Honorary Secretary of the Bar Association shall prepare the Roll of the Advocates regularly practicing in the High Court Bar duly approved by the Governing Council, who alone will be entitled to be the Ordinary/Life Member of that Association.
  5. The Honorary Secretary will finalize the application and place it before the Governing Council for admission after displaying the same on the Notice Board for ten days and inviting objections by the process of Black Balls and being interviewed by the President or the Hony. Secretary.
  6. Incase, more than twenty members black ball on any name included in the applications the same be placed for consideration as under Rule-9.
  7. No person other than the one who in on the State Role of Bar Council will be eligible to become Ordinary/Life Member of the High Court Bar Association, Allahabad.
  8. A Non-Resident Member for the purposes of obtaining the Ordinary or Life Membership of the Association shall have to adhere the procedure prescribed for enrolment of Ordinary member.
  9. The Advocate applying for Membership will have to pay the admission fee as well as the Membership fee as and when so decided by the General Body of the Association.
  10. Note :- All the applicants shall have to declare that they are the Members of Bar Council of India Advocate Welfare Fund Rule 40.