1. Name and Commencement
  1. These Rules shall be called the Rules of the High Court Bar Association, Allahabad.
  2. They shall come into force from the date first day of December, 1957, they are approved by the Registrar, Societies and Chits, Government of Uttar Pradesh.
2. Registration
  1. The High Court Bar Association, hereinafter called "The Association" is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) and shall consist of all Office-bearers and Members of the Governing Council and the General Body of the Association and also who become Members of the Association by or under these Rules and continue to be Members.
  2. The Association shall have perpetual succession and shall sue and be used by its name, through its Hony. Secretary or through such other person as may be authorized by Governing Council of the Association, and ratified by the General Body.
3. Constitution of the High Court Bar Association
  1. To promote the development of legal science and studies and to watch legislation for the purpose of assisting in the progress of sound legislation.
  2. To safeguard and promote the interest of the legal profession and its members in general and of the Members of the Association in particular.
  3. To promote a high professional tone, standard and conduct amongst the Members of the legal profession and to check unprofessional practices.
  4. To maintain a library of legal literature and of other subjects likely to be useful to the Members of the Association.
  5. To provide a meeting place for the Members of the Association particularly for study and discussion of law.
  6. To take the notice of the Bar Council, the High Court, the Supreme Court or the Central or State Governments matter affecting the legal profession in general and the Members of the Association in particular.
  7. To prepare and implement schemes for giving assistance to Members of their families in distressed circumstances.
  8. To protect the independence, unity and autonomy of the Bar, so provide under the Advocates Act.
  9. To safeguard the rights, privileges and interests of Advocates on its Roll.
  10. To promote the growth of Bar Association or the purposes of effective implementation of the Welfare Scheme framed by the Bar Association as well as the Bar Council.
  11. To promote and support law reforms to conduct seminars and organize talks on legal topics by eminent jurists and public journals and papers of legal interests.
  12. To organize legal aid to the poor in the prescribed manner, to manage and invest the funds of the Bar Association.
  13. To protect constitution and law of the land.
  14. To do all such acts or take such steps as might be necessary for the well being of the Association or for the fulfillment of these objects.